Glendale School District

Fine land, abundant natural resources, scenic beauty, Prince Gallitzin State Park, reasonably priced housing, and a wholesome quality of life combine to make Glendale School District a uniquely attractive and vibrant place to live and learn. Progressive and conservative, comprehensive and individualistic, technological and basic – all describe the Glendale School District. The district has received state recognition for its outstanding technology, which includes eight wireless computer labs and over 2,000 PCs on site. Glendale stresses a foundation in basic learning and thinking skills, an acknowledgment of individual differences, sound management practices, and consistent discipline. The district encourages students to develop to their potential by providing a wide array of course selections and extra-curricular activities.

Glendale School District
The district serves a total of 848 students housed in one K-12 school building located in Flinton, Pennsylvania. Major building renovation projects have provided the district with modern, well-equipped facilities to meet current enrollment projections and program requirements, helping the district achieve its mission of “providing a challenging and innovative curriculum that fulfills students’ needs, interests and abilities, based on their thinking and learning styles.”

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Glendale School District
1466 Beaver Valley Road
Flinton, PA 16640
Phone: (814) 687-3402
Fax: (814) 687-3341

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