About Us

As the only local representative organization that simulates a intra-municipal “Chamber of Commerce” in Glendale Valley, the Glendale Industrial Development Association has as its primary Mission the commitment to assist, guide and stimulate the local economy and businesses to develop and prosper in our area, generate business and industry in the region, promote tourism, and encourage citizens to shop locally.

The Glendale Industrial Development Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to servicing our region through coordinated activities directed at creating employment opportunities as well as providing access for enhancing community development. We’ve been directly responsible for these area enhancements and activities:

  • after taking on ALLTEL Telephone Company, all “672” area phone customers were finally able to call almost toll-free costs from 2500 to 25,000 numbers!
  • initiated the feasibility study to bring in wireless broadband Internet and email to Glendale Valley! This resulted in the local telephone provider to also offer highspeed Internet packages for customers.
  • completed research and survey for the area to make first attempts and requests to receive cellular phone service.
  • annually contribute monetarily to various non-profit organizations.
  • provide letters of support for local municipalities and municipal authority projects.
  • acquired/received CCRTA grant funding for this website to advertise Glendale Valley and we have to offer local businesses. Every business is included (*linked to individual websites if they exist)